The National Co-ordination Team for Widening Participation and Access to Higher Education


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see flagyl antibiotic for sale Action on Access, a support and change-management partnership organisation – a national provider of coordination and support for furthering  access, widening participation and increasing student retention and success and progression through higher education across the UK since 1999.

*   An essential first stop for you to stay current and involved in all the latest Widening Participation and access initiatives, news, events, resources, information, and networking.

*   Acknowledged nationally as a go-to and organisation of choice for anyone working to widen participation, improve student success and ensure fair access to the sector. We will work with you to combat educational inequality and to break the barriers that many learners face to access and succeed in higher education

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We provide a highly-valued, well-used electronic event and publication platform to over 2,000 practitioners and regularly deliver bespoke individual guidance and support solutions to the sector.

Work with institutional leaders, managers and practitioners, policy makers, funders, stakeholder groups and third sector organisations to go buy doxycycline online USA  promote inclusivity and diversity, buy antibiotics online Ireland challenge exclusion how can I buy bactrim lobby for the widest broadest possible access to higher education which will, in turn, go here contribute significantly to greater social mobility.

We have the support of key organisations across the sector, see below.

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