The National Co-ordination Team for Widening Participation and Access to Higher Education


  • Results of a survey of access and widening participation practitioners and practitioner managers on the emerging access agenda…

    published: March-2014

    Analyses and describes the results of a survey of access & WP practitoners and practitioner managers providing a view, from the chalk or coalface, of what the current and emergent issues are (Dec 2013) for access and wide participation & contributes to discussions of an emerging national strategy

  • The emerging access agenda. Access and Participation in UK HE

    published: March-2014

    This report describes and summarises the papers supplied by 12 stakeholder organisations to the third annual Access to HE Summit held 3 December 2013. The papers are attached as an appendix.

  • Building student engagement and belonging in Higher Education at a time of change:

    published: March-2012

    This report challenges institutions to look afresh at their priorities and consider: how the curriculum might be reorganised to provide for sustained engagement between teachers and students; how teaching can be organised to create student learning communities.

  • Effective Partnerships

    published: January-2010

    Aimhigher was an educational programme which worked across all phases of education to support the progression of young people. This review focuses on the the way in which these partnerships operated, the strengths and key challenges for partnerships, and the effectiveness of the brokerage provided.

  • Review of Further Education Colleges’ Widening Participation Strategic Assessments

    published: December-2009

    This thematic review by Action on Access of the WPSAs prepared by the Further Education Colleges provides a descriptive overview of distinctive and particular the ways in which colleges are approaching widening participation in their HE provision from 2009 onwards.

  • Review of Widening Participation Strategic Assessments

    published: December-2009

    A thematic review of WPSAs from 129 HEIs in 2009 illustrates evolving institutional strategies to mainstream widening participation as an institutional priority, demonstrates high levels of commitment and support for widening participation, and offers lessons for writing WPSAs and Access Agreements

  • Mainstreaming and Sustaining Widening Participation in Institutions

    published: August-2009

    Action on Access, alongside the institutions in the programme, developed and implemented a programme to assist higher education institutions in England and Northern Ireland to “mainstream and sustain” widening participation. This final report offers lessons for writing WPSAs and Access Agreements.

  • Boys into HE

    published: July-2009

    Research into, and good practice in how all (but especially higher) education institutions, and Aimhigher partnerships can work to increase the successful participation of young men in higher education. Attainment in school, aspiration and information on appropriate opportunities and choices.

  • Aimhigher and engagement with the Primary sector

    published: June-2009

    Analysis of established and targeted programmes developed by Aimhigher partnerships with Primary school pupils and the critical involvement of higher education institutions with visits to HEIs and schools, parental involvement and transition to secondary schools within coherent programmes