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Action on Access is a primary provider and core hub for information, advice and guidance to support leaders, managers and practitioners of higher education to combat educational inequality and break down barriers to access and success.

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The Action on Access Information Hub and Email Briefing Service is considered an essential tool for all institutions or organisations trying to manage the continuing flux of information and stay abreast and current; actively involved; well-informed and better able to plan for the future; and to more effectively pursue the goal of educational and social justice.  As a subscriber you will receive:

  • A daily briefing
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We help you to address inequality in higher education

The Action on Access Information Hub and Email Briefing Service helps address the inequality that we all know exists in identifiable groups of people (both students and staff) who are under-represented across, and at all levels within, the Higher Education sector.

We deliver an easy to access, easy to use, current, relevant, comprehensive, long established and highly valued service providing news; key reports and publications; latest government statements and announcements; resources; training opportunities; events; and job vacancy listings – all brought directly to your Inbox for fast and instant access.

Membership provides you, your institution, or organisation with the timely, high quality, accurate, valuable, up-to-date information in the field, whatever your role, in addressing inequality; giving you the knowledge and insight you need – not only to stay current but to stay ahead of the highly volatile higher education news and policy agenda.


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“Action on Access has been my go to source of info for years! No one in my new organisation knew of it, so I am hopeful more of them will subscribe as you are a great resource for the sector.”

Ashley Callard, Communications and Engagement Manager, Governors for Schools

“Thank you for regularly posting my training sessions and also other information on the AonA monthly eBulletin. That's really great - helps me reach a wider audience!”

Susan Mueller, HE Director, Stand Alone

“Best of luck with the subscription system – we were all agreed that the small subscription cost was well worth the excellent resource of Action on Access ”

Lucie March, Head of Access and Widening Participation, UCL