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About Us:  Committed to supporting access, inclusion and student success for everyone.

Forging partnerships and strategic alliances to inform and support higher education to deliver and to embed inclusivity, diversity, access, widening participation and student success.  Join our Network.

Beneficial partnerships

Action on Access is committed to supporting access, inclusion and student success for everyone in higher education, regardless of their background and personal identity. Identifiable groups of people (students and staff) continue to be under-represented across and at all levels in the HE and FE sector and we are working together to rectify this situation.

Within our Network, work with institutional leaders, managers and practitioners, policy makers, funders, stakeholder groups and third-sector organisations on the day-to-day provision of information and knowledge to promote inclusivity, diversity and the widest, broadest possible access to higher education, which will contribute significantly to greater social mobility.

Our mission

Our principal aim and mission is to provide regular, relevant and reliable information and knowledge; shared experience and observation to leaders, managers and practitioners: information you need to stay current and ahead of the field – building the capacity of your organisation and the whole sector to guarantee a representative, inclusive and successful student cohort; and to embed fair access and widening participation within organisational strategies, missions and cultures.

Strategies for change

To achieve these aims, Action on Access draws on extensive in-house experience and expertise developed since 1999.  We have a reputation for being a solid, reliable, invaluable and positive presence across the sector.  We receive positive feedback for providing a high quality, relevant information service with a flexibility of response.  Our strategic alliances ensure a national, coordinated, strategic approach and delivery towards access, participation, student success and employability.

Actionable information in your inbox

Action on Access has developed and maintains an extensive and flourishing email distribution list to all our subscribers and users of the Network.  We research, collect, collate and disseminate curated information in daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly bulletins that are sent out currently to 1500 national and international subscribers working in the higher and further education sector; to third sector stakeholders; and to interested individuals.  The feedback we receive for this service is always highly positive, appreciative and effusive.

Action on Access : trusted by...

“Thank you for the wealth of useful information. I have signed up for both the FACE APP SIG and your Jiscmail list – they look to be incredibly useful networks. I think it is particularly timely, as attending the OfS webinar yesterday. It is clear this agenda is changing. Being a small HE provider, I hugely value expertise from outside my institution and talking to others in a similar institution.”

Caroline Chipperfield, Head of HE Development at Petroc College

“Thanks again for your messages over the year, they always keep us in the know.”

Laura Costa, Access and Participation Development Manager, Leeds Arts University

“Action on Access has been my go to source of info for years! No one in my new organisation knew of it, so I am hopeful more of them will subscribe as you are a great resource for the sector.”

Ashley Callard, Communications and Engagement Manager, Governors for Schools