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Awarding Gap Workshop with Aimhigher West Midlands

Student Engagement Conference 2023, Advance HE: What does student engagement mean to you?

Student Retention and Success Symposium

Student Success in Taught Education – where are we now?

Rewarding, recognising, and valuing student partnerships

‘Putting theory into practice – Creating a whole university approach to student and staff wellbeing’, Mental Wellbeing in HE Conference 2023, Advance HE

Student drug use in higher education

Student Mental Health – Prevention and Intervention conference

Lighting the Labyrinth: Enhancing Student Success through the 3Es

The HEFi23 Teaching and Learning Conference

Young Carers Festival 2023

Co-constructing Education for All, FACE 2023 annual Conference

Enhancing the Student Experience

‘Discovery and Design for Academic and Social Student Success’

Re-Imagining Education: Collaboration and Compassion’, HETL Conference 2023

European First Year Experience Conference 2023

NEON Summer Symposium 2023

The innovation challenge: Accelerating digital higher education

Personal Tutoring: Enhancing Outcomes for All Students, UKAT Annual Conference

Equality, diversity and Inclusion Colloquium, Advance HE