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What we provide:  Discover our Information Hub and Email Briefing Service – the complete toolkit to ensure you are further developing a diverse and inclusive higher education with engaged and successful students.

What is the Information Hub and Email Briefing Service?

We deliver an easy to access, simple to use, current, relevant, comprehensive, long established and highly valued service to our community of 1500 leaders, managers and practitioners.  This Service provides news; key reports and publications; latest government statements/announcements; resources; training opportunities; events; and job vacancy listings – all brought direct to your inbox for fast and instant access.  The Email Briefing Service comprises:

  • Daily briefing
  • Weekly job vacancies
  • Fortnightly events
  • Monthly eBulletin

Daily Briefing

For news, information, networking.  This Briefing notifies subscribers of forthcoming events; latest reports and publications; upcoming conferences and calls for papers; policy announcements from the Government or the Office for Students; consultations; ongoing research and research assistance; programmes, relevant podcasts, and current vacancies – it’s a mixed bag of things for immediate attention that cannot wait for the monthly eBulletin.  We send out 1,050,000 emails every 12 months.


Our Vacancies listings are broad and wide: posts range from pro Vice-Chancellor to administrative staff; universities and colleges to third sector organisations; Heads of Service to Officer posts; and cover both public employers and private companies.  The listing is updated every day.  New vacancies are sent in by Action on Access partners, by our subscribers and we also source vacancies from external sources.  Subscribers have unrestricted access to all job vacancy information on our website.  We know from the feedback we receive that using our listing results in increased numbers of applicants.

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Fortnightly Events

Our Events listings cover access, outreach, schools liaison, participation, and admissions; marketing and recruitment; student retention and success in HE and events which focus on those with particular identities or characteristics.  Events are updated every day on the website but additionally a fortnightly listing goes out to our subscribers and all events are listed in the monthly eBulletin.  We promote all events (large, small; major and minor), webinars, seminars, podcasts and conferences.  Feedback shows that events listed with us result in higher numbers of attendees.

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Each new eBulletin delivers a monthly round-up of information on wide-ranging issues: outreach and access; widening participation; admissions; student support and individually-targeted support; student success and employability; inclusive curricula and programmes; teaching or research; and social mobility and social justice.  Occasional features keep the eBulletin fresh, lively and interesting.  Our eBulletin is acclaimed by our subscribers as a truly invaluable, irreplaceable source of information.  If you’re not subscribed, you really are missing out.


Action on Access : trusted by...

"Thank you so much! I know that the team always find the Jiscmail useful, so thanks."

Effy Alexandrou, Head of social Mobility & Widening Participation Manager, Widening Participation Department, King's College London

“Thank you for regularly posting my training sessions and also other information on the AonA monthly eBulletin. That's really great - helps me reach a wider audience!”

Susan Mueller, HE Director, Stand Alone

"Thank you for providing Action on Access. It is a fantastic online network that I've appreciated over the years."

Rebecca Clark, Head of Access and Outreach, University of York