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Why subscribe?  To add value and increase diversity, inclusion and opportunities.

Our Email Briefing Service enhances staff professional development through the provision of information on news, events, initiatives, resources and promotes networking, sharing and learning.  It comes direct to your inbox for fast, instant and easy access.

Action on Access adds value and is acknowledged nationally as the go-to organisation for anyone striving to make a diverse and inclusive higher education, with engaged and successful students, a reality.

AonA is an essential tool for all institutions and organisations

The AonA Information Hub and Email Briefing Service is long-established, comprehensive in its cover, current, relevant and has proved invaluable to leaders, managers and practitioners in the field and to our colleagues from key stakeholder organisations.

The AonA Information Hub and Email Briefing Service offers invaluable intelligence and support to institutions or organisations seeking to manage the continuing, increasing flux and flow of information.  The AonA Service helps you to stay abreast and current; actively involved; well-informed; better able to plan for the future; and more effectively pursue the goal of educational and social justice.


Who should subscribe?

Any person who is responsible for one or more of the following:

  • Upward social mobility
  • Outreach and Access
  • Widening Participation
  • Admissions
  • Student Support
  • Individually-targeted support
  • Student Success and Employability.

What you will get

  • A regularly updated WEBSITE – for all information on Action on Access and where you can see daily updated listings of Vacancies and Events
  • Our daily BRIEFING for latest news; information and networking; announcements; latest policy and legislation; research, reports and conferences; consultations; current and future events; and job vacancies
  • VACANCIES – our highly successful and heavily utilised Vacancy listings which cover a wide and broad range of available posts
  • Our EVENTS listing concerns: access, outreach and schools liaison; participation and admissions; marketing and recruitment; student retention and success in HE; and events which focus on those with particular identities or characteristics.  We publish events – large and small, major and minor – as well as webinars, seminars, podcasts and conferences.  This listing offers great opportunities for Continuing Professional Development and networking
  • AonA‘s monthly eBULLETIN comprises an extensive round-up of information on: outreach and access; widening participation; admissions; student support and individually-targeted support; student success and employability; inclusive curricula and programmes; teaching or research; and social mobility and social justice. Occasional features keep the monthly eBulletin fresh, lively, thoughtful and always interesting.

Action on Access : trusted by...

"A while ago you helped us send out information via the Action on Access mailing list about our upcoming online conference 'Opening the Doors - realising GTRSB access and participation in higher education'. Thank you so much for doing this as you helped us not only promote the event but also reach out to workshop providers and speakers."

Will Kelly, 'Opening the Doors Conference' Coordinator, University of Winchester

“Best of luck with the subscription system – we were all agreed that the small subscription cost was well worth the excellent resource of Action on Access ”

Lucie March, Head of Access and Widening Participation, UCL

"I’m so pleased that you have found a way to keep your invaluable updates sustainable as I would be lost without them. I am just returning from maternity leave and they have been a great way to stay informed of developments in the sector whilst I have been away. I have no doubt they will now also help me to find new contract opportunities to help me to return."

Lyndsey Smith, Founder, AltaHigher