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Closing ethnicity awarding gaps 2023, Universities UK

Foundations of AI to empower learners: Theoretical models and impact

Re-Imagining Education: Collaboration and Compassion’, HETL Conference 2023

The Teaching Excellence Framework 2023, Westminster Higher Education Forum

Key Skills for Widening Access – Essential Training, NEON

Evaluating Outreach Work’, NEON 4 day course

Why become a school governor? Introductory webinar for university staff’, Governors for Schools

Why become a school governor? Introductory webinar for university staff

Shaping the Student Experience Together: 20 Years of Enhancement

European First Year Experience Conference 2023

Quality and standards in HE assessment: Maintaining the value of qualifications, tackling grade inflation, and the future for degree classification

Face annual conference 2023: ‘Co-constructing education for all’

NEON Summer Symposium 2023

Through the looking glass: How Higher Education is using the lens of access, participation and success to create equity for all students’

‘Moving On’, Stand Alone

‘It’s not just about Finance

‘Diversifying Leadership’, Advance HE

EDI Colloquium: Inclusive Recruitment, Advance HE

Tackling drug use in higher education

The innovation challenge: Accelerating digital higher education

13th International Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference

UKAT Annual Conference

Equality, diversity and Inclusion Colloquium, Advance HE

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Conference 2023: The Shoulders of Giants: Listening, Learning and Improving our Practice

Degree apprenticeships and higher technical education conference, 2023, Universities UK

Students as Co-Creators Symposium, Advance HE

The future of teaching and learning in higher education, Universities UK

Student Retention and Success Symposium’, Advance H